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Traditions of the Mediterranean World, Initiatory Orders, and more.

What is Theurgia University?

Theurgia University is a Private Network exclusively for members.
This is a vibrant community founded by Jean-Louis de Biasi and Patricia Bourin focusing on the Mediterranean Traditions, Western Initiatory Orders, and the research of its founders. Besides its main community Theurgia University hosts stand-alone courses and Initiatory Orders who are working in their own private sections.
Learn more below about Theurgia University, its exclusives, and the options to join.

An International Vibrant Community

"Having an international community like the one Theurgia University has created is invaluable because they care about you and about what you learn. If you don't have a real community, you can't benefit from years, literally hundreds of years of experience." 

Juliana Larche, Humanist and Philanthropist

Hi There,

We're Jean-Louis and Patricia, the founders of Theurgia University. It started as Academia Platonica in 2008 and exists as Theurgia University (T.U.) since 2018. Publication of spiritual online courses and rare books about the Mediterranean traditions has been our main focus. We have been lucky to teach students from every continent along the years. 

We have always wanted to give more opportunities to everyone fascinated by this spiritual and esoteric heritage. With more than 35 years of experience, working on the internet since its creation, we were looking for a platform allowing a real community to flourish away from big corporations such as Facebook. This now a reality! We invite you to join us, meeting people excited like you to learn and practice more together!

Don't just take our word for it

"Very informative seminar. Even on a theme that I have been familiar with for more than 10 years, I have learned new techniques and a different way of approaching it. The teaching was interactive and the teacher available and experienced." B.T.

"I thank you for this courage and love of unveil keys allowing men and women to adopt new methods that lead to success and joy." S.M.

What to Expect


  • Live Online Programs, stand-alone courses, and mini-courses - Organized or selected by our founders to help you achieving knowledge, joy, and success in this life and the others
  • Live teachings from famous Initiatory Orders - Private modules to give you the best from the AS, OKRC, Eudia, and more
  • Library access - Free books and papers to support your study
  • Recommended reads & listens - where we curate the top books, videos, or podcasts to help you on your journey
  • Live Q&As with our founders Jean-Louis de Biasi and Patricia Bourin where you can get your questions answered


  • Exclusive posts from our founders and mentors
  • Regular webinars with special guests, mentors, and founders
  • Regular live and recorded meditations, mindfulness practices, deep relaxations, and ritual practices
  • Access to the "Daily Magical Journal" for free, offering all the real dates of the traditional Mediterranean and magic calendars along with daily practices
  • Personal invitation when a new course or training is released and discount for local events


Several trainings and courses are offered to groups of students every two months. They are organized by one of the founder or mentors Jean-Louis and Patricia personally select. Mentors are teaching the course and following the progress of each student with enthusiasm and dedication.

A worldwide community

  • Join a multicultural community of enthusiasts friends sharing similar interests
  • Conversations that matter - Join the online discussion in the main forum of Theurgia University and the privates spaces opened by courses
  • Use the chat to start a direct discussion with another fellow student
  • Be invited to in person seminars and workshops organized in various countries

Initiatory Orders 

 Besides its main community, Theurgia University hosts Initiatory Orders who are working in their own private sections of the website.  

Ordo Aurum Solis - Pronaos Training of the A.S.
Ordre Eudiaque
O.K.R+C - Online teachings

Why struggle alone?

We are stronger and more effective when we learn and share our experience together.

Theurgia University is offering a safe environment to learn Mediterranean traditions, and even in sometimes to be initiated. 

Theurgia University is the place to be if you want to avoid useless competitions or delusion.

Join the community by choosing a membership or a course below!

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